Doug Newell 

Poulsbo City Council

Building a Positive Poulsbo


I am optimistic about our future.  I look for solutions and positive outcomes.   When we focus on what is good and what we are grateful for, we have a solid foundation to move forward.  

I approach all people expecting that they are also trying to make their lives and our community better.    My engagement starts with looking for what is going right and then gathering consensus on areas where we, as a community, need to improve.

Poulsbo's Day of Positivity

In June 2019, our daughter, Geneva initiated and held Poulsbo's Day of Positivity in 2019.

In middle school, Geneva suffered a compound tibia/fibula fracture in a skateboarding accident and was in a wheelchair for six weeks.  She needed several visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital, including surgery to remove the metal pieces supporting her leg while her bones healed.

What helped her through those times were inspirational quotes.   Since the quotes helped her, she thought they might help others as well. It began with passing little notecards around school and eventually developed into Cards for Courage, a project that sent inspirational and positive cards to patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital to help them through their own tough times.

Her experience led her to organize and hold a day long festival for Poulsbo to focus on the positive elements in our lives.  The event was held at Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park and featured family-friendly activities and live music.